April 4, 2014:

New “puddle lights”

The first mod for Black Knight! A bit of an easy one – actually really easy, just a few seconds to pull out the stock lamp on the bottom of each door, and connect the replacement.

There’s been a lot of discussion about these on the MINI Countryman facebook group recently, and I ordered mine from Way Motor Works – delivered in just a few days, great quality; I liked the fact that they are labeled “L”/”R” for the doors, and I like the subtle mod result:

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  1. Roberto Ballardini (2014/04/05 @ 8:32 am)

    Never understood these things but it is well done for sure. Motor On my friend.

  2. Roberto Ballardini (2014/04/05 @ 8:34 am)

    What plate tag will you be getting? BLKADDR..? TALLYHO?…;-)

  3. GBMINI (2014/04/05 @ 8:55 am)


    It’ll probably end up being plain old GBMINI again.

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