March 20, 2014:

Black Knight MINI Countryman

My first post in a long time, and introducing what will perhaps be my next MINI – the Black Knight edition MINI, which in USA at least will be very rare and only available as a Countryman. I first learned of this special edition MINI back in December, when I discovered that I’d missed press releases as long ago as October 2013:
[MINI USA] informs us … the nearly $5K package is the Frozen Black exterior finish, black headlight treatments, an anthracite headliner, a flat-load floor, Carbon Black leather upholstery, and what Mini describes as “some special accessories.” One Mini dealership we spoke to indicated that Black Knight Edition Countrymans will come de-badged, and that buyers will have a choice of six-speed manual or automatic transmissions, as well as front- or ALL4 all-wheel drive … Magna Steyr will handle paintwork at its facility in Graz, Austria, where the Countryman and Paceman are assembled. The labor-intensive process involved in applying the color is a factor in the limited production numbers”

I discovered that my new local MINI dealership, Orlando, was to receive one car, and it hadn’t been sold – so I put a deposit on it. And today, I learned that the car had arrived, so went over to check out the “frozen” paint finish:

The car is factory spec’ed with automatic transmission, MINI Connect with Navigation, and many other features – but sadly is missing Sirius radio and the HK upgraded stereo:

A couple more pictures in the Gallery.

I’m waiting on some final details from the dealership, but it’s possible that this car might soon replace my BMW X3!

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  1. Roberto Ballardini (2014/03/20 @ 8:53 pm)

    Looks rather nice. Drive it yet?

  2. Josh Wardell (2014/03/20 @ 9:36 pm)

    I remember the this being announced and being very intrigued by the frozen black paint. It looks great. Maintenance and repair are extremely difficult though…no wax allowed! I guess you’ll have to do some research into adding an aftermarket stereo system.

  3. GBMINI (2014/03/20 @ 10:06 pm)

    It’s not like I waxed my later cars much anyway, Josh! And the garage will help keep it looking good, I think. You’re right about aftermarket 🙂

    Robert, I’ve not driven it – it’s really not prepped yet; and we drove a (different) Countryman back in December. I don’t expect it to drive differently (no special engine on this one).

  4. Gavin (2014/03/21 @ 6:41 am)

    I must admit, I haven’t paid any attention to MINI for several years as none of them do anything for me these days so this was a complete surprise to me.

    Is a flat load floor part of this $5k package? Wouldn’t a Countryman have a flat floor anyway? Funny too that their idea of “de-badged” is only the model name, not the massive MINI logo on the back!
    That paint finish looks interesting – not as matt as some of the special paints I’ve seen pictures of by the look of these pictures. Maybe that will make it slightly easier to take care of.

  5. GBMINI (2014/03/21 @ 7:56 am)

    The de-badging does remove “Cooper S” from the back, too. I was trying to think of something I could have spelled on the back (from the limited COUNTRYMAN / PACEMAN letters)!
    I’m not sure what “flat load floor” is, anyway – I’ll have to compare with a regular Countryman I guess.
    And the paint is hard to photograph, but remember that BMW calls it “frozen” rather than “matt” so I think it’s not meant to be completely matt finish.

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