June 24, 2012:

Home from a great MINIsOnTop weekend

My thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for making MINIsOnTop entertaining once again; I had a great time catching up with all my MINI friends – and I had a great time driving my X3, very impressed with it’s handling and especially it’s power 🙂
And if the trip computer is correct, it’s more economical than my GP, too!
BMW X3 trip computer after MINIsOnTop

All my photos are in the Gallery, and be sure to visit the MINIsOnTop FaceBook page for everyone else’s posts and chat

UPDATE: The trip computer is a bit optimistic, my calculated fill-up MPG today was 26.6, but that’s still more than 10% better than I ever got in the Audi, though it is slightly below the GP which typically got 27-28 during MINIsOnTop …

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  1. Dave Newman (2012/06/25 @ 6:39 am)

    Perhaps in October you could have an event for CUV owners: “X3’s on Top” ?

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