May 16, 2012:

I’ve seen my X3!

Admittedly not in person, but during production at the BMW Spartanburg factory – a production video is offered with each X3, that includes clips from a few production stages; I’ve edited these clips out for your “entertainment” …

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  1. Joel (2012/05/16 @ 10:37 pm)

    So, are you going to the factory to pick it up?

  2. GBMINI (2012/05/17 @ 6:58 am)

    No, too busy at work …

  3. TJ (2012/05/17 @ 7:11 pm)

    Sounds like you can’t make it for performance delivery, but look into doing BMW 101. All the same experience except the delivery, and BMW takes care of everything!!!

  4. GBMINI (2012/05/17 @ 9:00 pm)

    Thanks! I wondered if the X3 was allowed to do BMW driving schools …

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