October 28, 2011:

From Wet to Cold …

Weather is changing fast here now! Just 2-1/2 weeks ago it was mid 80s, and now we had overnight snow (in Essex, where GPMINI was, though we did not get snow in Gloucester) …
Snow on GPMINI

Snow on GPMINI

Nice frost patterns (click for bigger view):
Frost on GPMINI

I think GP wants to go back to Florida!

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  1. RB (2011/10/29 @ 9:34 am)

    I think Florida would be a good bet. Though still sick with this damn cold I got from the grand daughter in Holland it’s nice outside here in SoCal, they say in the mid 80º.

  2. Doug Cull (2011/10/29 @ 11:02 am)

    Best get some thermals for GP!

  3. James (2011/11/05 @ 9:11 am)

    Bring GP back to Florida. I’ll need a MINI that can keep up with me. 8^)

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