December 17, 2008:

Auto-up Windows

Try as I might, it seems that I just can’t keep saying no to folks that want “auto-up” for their MINI (at least the non-R56/57 people!)
A while ago, Mike (mcrtech on Metroplex MINI) twisted my arm hard enough that I said that if he was able to collect enough interested folks to justify the costs of another production run, I would do it … in turn, he has started a thread over at MetroPlex, and is keeping track of interest over there.

However, many MINI owners are not members of Metroplex MINI – so with thanks to gnatster, there is now a “potential group buy” thread on NorthAmericanMotoring – if you are interested in purchasing a circuit (perhaps the last ever production run), then please visit the NAM thread.

This circuit works only in 2002-2006 hardtop MINIs and 2005-2008 convertibles (ie: R50/R53/R52); it is NOT compatible with R56 MINIs or the Clubman.

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  1. GadgetGav (2008/12/17 @ 9:16 pm)

    “perhaps the last ever production run” – pull the other one..! 😉
    That’s like the car dealers whose sales “must end Dec 31st” 🙂

  2. Josh Wardell (2008/12/17 @ 10:22 pm)

    How many “last” production runs have there been now?
    Probably more than non-last runs!

    It proves that people’s love for their minis and their customization just doesn’t die over time.

  3. GBMINI (2008/12/17 @ 10:31 pm)

    I know … I can say that circuits/month dropped off for the previous “last” batch; in time there simply won’t be enough people twisting my arm, to justify a run.

  4. RB (2008/12/19 @ 6:35 pm)

    Still lov’n mine! Thanks Ian. If only I could get that kind of service from my magnetic die cutters… 😉

  5. JCWGP (2008/12/23 @ 5:38 pm)

    It really is perhaps the most useful mod one can add!

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