September 30, 2008:

Have I seen that Peapod before?

When I saw the story about Chrysler’s Peapod on Engadget this morning – and in more detail on Register Hardware – I immediately thought of MINI’s “Spiritual” concepts from the 1990s …

MINI should take a lesson from Chrysler about interior design too – see how important the iPhone / iPod is in this Peapod 😉

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  1. RB (2008/10/02 @ 9:01 am)

    I can’t imagine owning either.

    Maybe Chrysler should stick to making cars that consumers might want to buy, are attractive, get good fuel mileage and are reliable? Just a thought.

  2. GBMINI (2008/10/02 @ 11:47 am)

    Long ago, I owned and enjoyed a Chrysler Town & Country mini van – boy, those things look UGLY now, too!

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