July 20, 2008:

The Awesomeness Of Small – Magic Window Decryptor Needed

If you’re not in to MINI collectibles, you might want to skip GBMINI.net for a while … I’m sorting out my huge collection 😉

Remember The Awesomeness Of Small? This was a “stealth” MINI advertising campaign with strange encrypted adverts in magazines, a “spy package” ending with a gift Toggle Switch re-label kit, and a reward medallion.

It turns out that some new MINI owners are still receiving the decoder kits, but of course can no longer find the adverts needed to decode them … so I scanned at high resolution and uploaded the advert which needs the Magic Window Decryptor (right-click here to download it) … if you print this at 300dpi (7.583″x10.43″), you can then use the decrpyor successfully to send you to a certain website about Citizens for Fair Insect Treatment (have your cars VIN # ready, and turn off pop-up blockers!)

I also uploaded a 300dpi scan of the advert for which the Super-Secret Decoder is needed (again, print at 300dpi = 7.533″x9.48″)

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