July 17, 2008:

A ViewMaster collectible

Now and then something quite unusual appears on my eBay MINI Collectibles watchlist, the 8-Ball is one such item (I’ve seen a few of them, and got one) – and recently there was this Achievements In Motoring ViewMaster:

I suppose the ViewMaster itself is normal (except for the added on logo), but the image disc is surely unusual, featuring MINIs in unusual locations across America … to my surprise, scanning it was successful:

(click for higher resolution)

I was also surprised to be able to take an image through the ViewMaster:

“… or to Coltsville, Massachusetts, where there’s a shipwreck in a parking lot …” – since this is in my home state, I really should go and visit (oh, but Google says it’s gone from MA)

Other images:
The world’s largest fire hydrant in Beaumont, TX
The world’s largest covered wagon in Milford, NE
A drive-through donut in La Puente, CA
The world’s largest kaleidoscope in Mt Tremper, NY

Places to visit during MTTS’10?! 😉

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  1. twistybitz (2008/07/18 @ 8:26 am)

    Hum…. La Puente? May have to trek down there and see.

    8 Ball, View Master? Is this stuff offered at MINI.COM?

  2. Ian C. (2008/07/18 @ 10:25 am)

    No … internal giveaways from MINI USA to “best” sales associates, etc – occasionally appear on eBay.

  3. twistybitz (2008/07/18 @ 4:25 pm)

    Been trying to find one of those 8-balls, still no luck.

  4. JCWGP (2008/08/03 @ 1:32 am)

    Now thats really cool!

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