June 27, 2008:

Ready for MINIsOnTop 2008!

Busy busy busy at work … and still busy with MINIsOnTop (I received a REALLY late registration just yesterday!) … so thanks to Julian at Sublime Restorations, GPMINI gets detailed, clean, shiny and ready for the weekend 🙂

Inside too!

A little friend sits nearby (before being sold next week!) …

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  1. RB (2008/06/27 @ 7:01 pm)

    In My Best Billy Crystal Fernando Lamas voice… “You know my daddy always said to me… Fernando, It’s always better to look marvelous than to feel marvelous!” “And let just say, you loook marvelous!” Nice.

  2. RB (2008/06/28 @ 9:05 am)

    That’s a sweet Mini there. What was the price it went for?

  3. pbraun (2008/06/28 @ 1:11 pm)

    Aaaahhh, sublime!

    Wish I was on top of the mountain with ya’ll. Have a great time!

  4. JCWGP (2008/06/28 @ 8:42 pm)

    GP is looking great and lil one would look really good parked next to your GP at home 🙂
    Sorry I couldn’t make it up yesterday. Jayne took GP1717 in on Thursday for a new steering rack and didn’t get done till late yesterday. Seems that sound I heard in Boston was indeed the rack and not a steering rack bushing…

  5. RB (2008/06/29 @ 12:51 pm)

    My “LOCK” Toggle stop working for a few hours.. now OK? The rear latch manual pull lever also didn’t work?

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