January 1, 2008:

Should I build more?

Back from an interesting trip to Kissimmee / Walt Disney World where we lucked out with 3 days of 80+ degree weather (although yesterday it was only around 70, and rained intermittently throughout our time at Magic Kingdom).

Anyway, I come back to numbers of folks saying “I need an auto-up windows MINI circuit”.

I’ve sold all my stock, and as before planned to build no more because interest is quite low … but once again, as soon as I say “no more”, it seems those folks who hadn’t got round to getting one suddenly all get in contact! For example, this thread on NorthAmericanMotoring
Problem is, to keep the cost at $45, I have to order a batch of circuits – 128 is my standard order. And because I’m “just me” and not a business with advertising budget, etc, I don’t sell many, just a couple a week.

So, should I order another batch? Is there enough demand still out there? If you’re interested, please get in contact and I’ll maintain a list (I’d likely wait till I had 50+ names, so contacting me is no guarantee of any quick response). Alternatively, if you’re an aftermarket company that would like to sell it and prepared to back up your interest with a commitment (not OutMotoring), then again please contact me.

Meanwhile …
Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Paul Mello (2008/01/02 @ 6:03 am)

    Ian, Have you given any thought to building one for the r56??? I finally ordered a Red/black 2008 (instead of the PS color I usually get). I would need a track mode one. I do hear that the auto up feature will be enabled for 2008, but it hasn’t been so far.

  2. blalor (2008/01/02 @ 7:32 am)

    I’d say that if the financial benefit and warm fuzzy you get from doing it outweigh the hassle, then, yes, you should do it. I love what you’ve done: it’s an elegant solution to a problem that shouldn’t even exist and created its own little niche market. I’d hate to see it go the way of the dodo, but, realistically, are there 128 R50/R53s out there with owners who want auto up windows that don’t already have them?

  3. MeanMrMstrd (2008/01/02 @ 11:11 am)

    I had often wished that I could sell them at Twisty. I did ask once, but I think you either missed that question or ignored it. I’l contact you by email about questions I have as to selling them.

  4. JB (2008/01/02 @ 5:11 pm)

    Ian, I’m one of the procrastinators who waited to long only to find out you sold out. Above you mention ordering 128 to keep the price at $45. Is this a linear relationship, IE, does ordering 74 make the price $90? I’m all for keeping the price down, but I would be willing to pay more than not get one at all.

  5. GBMINI (2008/01/02 @ 5:34 pm)

    The price increase wouldn’t be linear. Ordering half might add $10 to the price, something like that.

  6. rkw (2008/01/02 @ 6:19 pm)

    Ian, it’s a tough call. There is currently nothing for someone who wants auto-up (MCAW is also no longer available), other than hoping for a used one to turn up. Given the lack of availability, I don’t think people would mind paying an extra $10. There are probably 128 buyers out there but it would take long time to sell. Is there any chance that with “minor” updates it could be made to also work with R56’s?

  7. GBMINI (2008/01/02 @ 7:51 pm)

    The R56 is totally different.
    You’d either have to disassemble the switch/heat controls and try to put something inside, or access the wiring behind the center console and install a smart dual CAN-bus based unit.
    On top of that, the sports mode and DSC buttons are different location/circuits so would need more effort again!

  8. Karen (2008/01/04 @ 1:39 pm)


    Damn! I knew I should have ordered one for myself when I ordered one of my husband! Shoot, shoot, shoot!

    Anyway add me to the list of people who want an “auto-up”

    Cheers Karen1

  9. JB (2008/01/04 @ 6:26 pm)

    OK, lets see if I have it right. Ordering 128 units keeps the price at $45. At that amount you state you’ll need 50 people who want them to make it worth while to order. You also stated that ordering 70 +/- will add $10 to price, and on NAM you stated that you currently have 22 people interested to date. Sounds like a no brainer to me. Place the order for 70 units now, charge $55. Everybody wins!

  10. Paul Mello (2008/01/05 @ 7:24 am)

    Thanks for the r56 info. Well looks like it’s start car push, dsc push sports mode, put on helmet!

  11. Bill McMinn (2008/01/07 @ 7:07 pm)

    Please add me to the list of those interested in one of your circuits. Would take one at $55 if offered.

    Thanks! Bill

  12. GBMINI (2008/01/10 @ 5:23 pm)

    Anyone wanting a circuit should email me

  13. Dave (2008/01/30 @ 12:01 am)

    Ian, I have one of your first-gen circuits with 12V powered output for GDO. I have just moved into a new house, and now I’ve got a Chamberlain GDO with a 3V lithium cell in the remote. Is there any possibility that I could convert my existing circuit to a switched (or even better, 3V output) circuit?

  14. GBMINI (2008/01/30 @ 7:23 am)

    I did a couple of 3V circuits, but some GDOs are temperamental with them, you could try it – but switched is compatible with all GDOs!

  15. Rich (2008/02/20 @ 3:05 pm)

    I’d like one, too; and $45 sounds cheap to me. I’d pay more than that.

  16. JBKone (2008/03/24 @ 8:20 pm)

    I’ll take 2… just in case I get another MINI 🙂 I just ordered the auto-up via remote thingy from OutMotoring. They ARE compatible, right?

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