May 7, 2007:

Auto-up windows (no, not for the R56!)

I’ve spent some time investigating auto-up windows for the R56, and concluded that there are two possibilities, neither of which is an easy install … so for now, any R56 project is on hold.

Meanwhile, I got bored with the “old” MINI circuit for 2001-2006 MINIs (and 2007 convertibles), so I designed a new one and had a batch made!

The primary difference of this new circuit, is that it integrates both Track Mode DSC and the “AFF” (auto-front-fogs) function, in the basic design! So now there’s only one basic circuit, which gives all features – of course you don’t have to enable the features you don’t want …

(adding a garage-opener-remote still requires extra circuitry so adds cost)

Another reason for the re-design was to reduce the component count, and thus reduce manufacturing cost – thus allowing me to provide all three MINI circuit features at the old $45 price!

That being said, I still have a few of the original auto-up-only design in stock, so they’re now available-till-gone at a discounted price of $36! I will of course be sending refunds to people that purchased in the last couple of weeks … [UPDATE: ALL SOLD!]

You can order the old or the new (“V6”) circuit on my auto-up-windows web page here

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  1. GBMINI (2007/05/08 @ 8:17 pm)

    No more of the “auto up only” circuit now … I didn’t expect them all to be purchased that fast!

    Lots of stock of the “all new V6 MINI circuit 🙂

  2. RB (2007/05/08 @ 9:39 pm)

    Still one of the best things I’ve purchased for my MCS.

  3. Keith (2007/05/09 @ 7:40 pm)

    Adam won one of your auto up only circuits while we were at MOTD. As he already has one he sold it to me at a very generous price, so you could say that I won it. I just installed it today (much easier than I thought it would be) and it works just great.

    Many thanks, Ian, for your generous donation to MOTD.

  4. GBMINI (2007/05/09 @ 8:46 pm)

    Thanks Keith 🙂

  5. Paul (2007/05/11 @ 2:22 pm)

    Is this an easy install for REDSOX1?

  6. GBMINI (2007/05/11 @ 5:33 pm)

    I think so 🙂

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