May 5, 2007:

Pasta for Pat

Pat, another wonderful-to-know MINI owner, was tragically hurt in a work accident earlier this year – he remains in hospital and has limited movement of his body & limbs.
See this MINI2 thread and the Pats Progress website set up to support him.

Today, the First Annual Pasta For Pat event happened down in Rhode Island, with about 100 of his family & friends – including more than 20 MINIs / owners – getting together to raise money for Pat!

Surprise guest of honour was Pat & Angela – warmly greeted by Steve 🙂

Many MINI friends present too …

Richard, with Annette:

Steve, Angela & Libby:

In addition to the entry ticket, money was raised with various “door prizes” – tickets sold for $1 each which you put in the bucket for the prize(s) you’d like to win; the draw was well done by John, Sheena, Thom and Annette:

And I was lucky enough to win something too 🙂

Lots more pics in the Gallery, including a special and very strange sequence involving the Mens Bathroom, a group of MINI guys, Annette, a Duck and an Elk!
DSC_1482 DSC_1464 DSC_1473

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  1. Pete (2007/05/05 @ 9:38 pm)

    great pics Ian !

  2. LePew (2007/05/06 @ 6:19 am)

    Thank you for the pics Ian. Seeing these helps ease the frustration of despite my origonal plan, not being able to make it there in person.

  3. Josh Wardell (2007/05/06 @ 8:45 pm)

    I’m very sorry I couldn’t make it..especially sorry I missed Pat!

  4. C.Moore (2007/05/10 @ 8:12 pm)

    Well lets just say the next morning the cleaning guy jumped 10 feet when there was a elk with ballons all ove it. Was great to see everyone thanks for coming.

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