November 21, 2006:

1,250 MINI circuits

Yes, they still sell … not as fast as they used to (in the past I’ve shipped more than 50 a month, now it takes 2-3 months to ship 50) but tonight I shipped my 1,250th circuit, to Virginia. I still keep track of zip codes as well – not as slick as all the Google maps in existence now, but quite pretty:

I’m still missing Montana and West Virginia – the first MINI circuit shipped to either of those states will be at a special price …

I’ve also been experimenting with online advertising recently. I paid for a rotating banner ad on MotoringFile and noticed some increase in orders, but not much. I think my MINI circuit is just too specialized – people visiting MotoringFile probably aren’t looking for a solution to close their windows without keeping the switch held!
It’s clear that “word of mouth” is still a strong advertiser – when Gabe introduced me as a sponsor I did see an effect for a couple of days … and I’m thrilled to be featured once more in Gabes now traditional annual MotoringFile Gift Guide.

More recently, Mark Ferguson of NorthAmericanMotoring negotiated some MINI circuit advertising with me, featured as a banner on the top of the Electrical Mods section; I think this sort of “targetted” advertising should be more successful, although it’s too soon for me to see if there’s a real effect.

Finally, I’ve no idea if the R56 will finally offer auto-up windows but if not, my existing MINI circuit of course won’t work with those new cars – I have no plans to upgrade GBMINI again for now, so I won’t be able to develop anything new for that car. So don’t expect any “exciting” development update posts 😉

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  1. blalor (2006/11/22 @ 8:18 am)

    That little circuit is still one of my favorite mods. It’s the way MINI should have done it in the first place!

  2. jwardell (2006/11/22 @ 9:14 am)

    I noticed the ad on NAM but didn’t realize it was specifically in the electrical mods section. Great idea. Then again, there is always a minicircuit thread or two at the top of that section so they ad may not be needed.

    We’ll see in a few months if MINI got the hint for the 07s.

  3. TWISTYBITZ (2006/11/22 @ 9:34 am)

    Proud to be a buyer of three!

  4. Aqualung (2006/11/22 @ 3:52 pm)

    I’ve advertised it as a key selling point for my car 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. steve speirs (2006/11/22 @ 4:07 pm)

    i wonder if i was the 1,250th circuit?? i’d been meaning to order one for ages, but it was Gabe’s MotoringFile Gift Guide that spurred me into action…

    thanks guys,


  6. Ian C. (2006/11/22 @ 7:09 pm)

    No Steve, sorry – you’re number 1252!

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