February 20, 2006:

DIY AUX input

This NAM thread from ShankRabbit leads you to a web page he created which details making an AUX input cable using bits & pieces salvaged from old computer parts!

Here you see his re-use of a 3.5mm stereo jack removed from a computer sound card

Here you see the wiring of the AUX input to the back of the MINI head unit

Check out his web page for step-by-step details.

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  1. Josh Wardell (2006/02/21 @ 9:22 am)

    I thought I read the aux input needed some other additional components so the head unit knew it was there. The simple free solution seems up my alley but the $40 price of the real part is still reasonable for most.

  2. Mike (TOM) (2006/02/21 @ 1:31 pm)

    Seams a little silly to me given that the OEM AUX input is less than $40 USD and will retain the MINI’s factory warranty.

    Why bother with this one as it looks to be more trouble than it’s worth (just to save $40) and will definitely cause you warranty problems at the dealer if your radio acts up, etc.???

    It’s nice to see folks figuring this stuff out though.

  3. Randy (2006/02/21 @ 7:14 pm)

    Half the fun is figuring it out on your own even if it costed you 5 times as much in the value of your own time.

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