June 14, 2004:

“HKenabler” now installed in GBMINI

I recently completed the install of my new HKenabler circuit, to allow my Kenwood head unit to run with the Harmon Kardon amp/speakers – and to give me control of the amplifier “mode” (SPATIAL, FESTIVAL, etc).

I used the empty position in the top left of the heat controls to fit the switch connected to the HKenabler circuit (in England, this position is for the windshield defroster switch, an option not available in USA).
I needed the assistance of Gary from MINI Peabody to get the heat controls out of GBMINI, but after that disassembling and installing the switch was not too difficult.
Interestingly I am getting to like the sound of the HK system in “MINI H/K” mode with driver emphasis turned on; in the past I disliked the HK modes (except SPATIAL) so I am not sure if I have matured, or if the better sound quality from the aftermarket head unit has improved the HK sound … either way, I am happier than I have ever been with the sound of my car (finally!)

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