April 21, 2014:

Less noise, more sound

At the recent F56 launch event at Orlando MINI, I left Black Knight to have some service work done – and first of all I’m thrilled with the care and attention given to me by that dealership! My Motoring Advisor Greg had organized everything before my arrival, including ordering what was needed and getting the paperwork filled out – and Service Advisor Adante spoke to me both when I dropped the car off, and twice today, to keep me informed and to let me know when everything was ready.
So what was done? Well the most important thing was installing Sirius Satellite Radio! It was the one thing missing from an otherwise fully equipped car, and I couldn’t really understand why it was missing – even more so when I researched and found that all 2012+ USA MINIs have the electronics installed, whether Sirius is active or not.
So activating Sirius is a reprogramming / software only task – though one that takes multiple hours, which is why I left the car rather than waiting. And the proof of success was not only an email confirming my free one year subscription (Orlando MINI even configured that for me!), but also the displays and sound when I drove home tonight:

I also had the dealership hunt down the cause of an annoying rattle / rolling noise in the back of the car, which started a couple weeks after I took delivery; it sounded like a bolt rolling around in the bodywork, and that’s almost what it turned out to be!

Orlando MINI shop foreman Vann tracked the noise down to that wrench socket, the size used to fix the rear lights – my guess is that the socket stuck on the bolt during manufacture, and after a while it fell off the bolt and began rolling around. So I’m happy that noise is gone, too!

April 19, 2014:

Black Knight’s BMW “twin”

Tonight we headed out to Saffron, an Indian restaurant we’ve not previously tried – and it was excellent! In the parking lot, we saw a BMW that looked to have a paint finish quite like Black Knight:

Interesting, but I didn’t realize that this car probably is EXACTLY the same paint (code U91), as BMW did release an M3 “Frozen Black” edition a few years ago. However that car was not a convertible, like the one I saw tonight – so I presume someone has had their BMW painted to mimic the production car.

On a less black note, another interesting car in the same parking lot:

April 18, 2014:

Orlando MINI F56 launch event

Tonight we drove to Orlando MINI for their F56 launch event, and Black Knight’s first “MINI meet” – sort of, at least, since there wasn’t any actual driving.

Black Knight got wet on the way there, too – and didn’t come home (I’m getting satellite radio installed):

The F56 launch event itself an assortment of the new MINIs visible, including this quite good looking Spice Orange:

I’m quite impressed with the F56 interior too:

In general, the F56 looked very MINI like with few downsides – though the “fall apart when pulled” door handles are strange! Meanwhile, it was great to meet MINI friends (James, Lori, Andrea, Troy – and others whose name I don’t know), and enjoy the desserts:

Special thanks too to Greg, my Motoring Advisor, that organized booking my MINI in to get satellite radio installed – and presented a gift of a neat Tshirt:

April 12, 2014:

Black Knight’s first wash

I finally got “brave” enough to give my new MINI a wash – after only a couple hundred miles so far, and garaged, she’s not very dirty; but it was time anyway.

Washing the frozen paint was easy enough – MINI advises to use their own car shampoo, and of course not polish! They also ban micro-fiber cloths, but I had a pseudo chamois for drying.
Sadly, the dried paint shows a number of water spots:

Looking back through my earlier pictures, there were similar water spots even when it was delivered; I’m going to have to figure out a way to remove them, and avoid them in future …

April 4, 2014:

New “puddle lights”

The first mod for Black Knight! A bit of an easy one – actually really easy, just a few seconds to pull out the stock lamp on the bottom of each door, and connect the replacement.

There’s been a lot of discussion about these on the MINI Countryman facebook group recently, and I ordered mine from Way Motor Works – delivered in just a few days, great quality; I liked the fact that they are labeled “L”/”R” for the doors, and I like the subtle mod result:

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