February 2, 2016:

MINI USA January 2016 sales

My new MINI Clubman is apparently one of 277 sold in USA in January (one of maybe 750 of the new design, for December and January):
MINI USA sales, January 2016

Apart from the Clubman sales, what’s mysterious to me is the extremely low 504 Countryman sales; it’s the lowest monthly sales for that model since it was introduced to USA at the end of 2010!
This is also the first month where they have been zero sales of the Coupe and Roadster; I guess those models really are gone, now.
Lastly, one single convertible – though presumably we’ll soon be seeing sales of the redesigned car.

January 27, 2016:

2016 Clubman close-ups

I’ve taken some “close-up” photos of my new car, for anyone that’s not yet seen one. Maybe they’re interesting …

Driver seat area, with my seat set back far enough for me (5’10”, long legged!):
2016 Clubman

Rear seats leg room, while my seat is set far back – quite a lot of space:
2016 Clubman

Closer view of driver controls:
2016 Clubman

2016 Clubman
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January 27, 2016:

2016 Clubman views

A collection of photos of my new 2016 MINI Clubman …

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