November 14, 2016:

12 years ago

On my personal website I’ve posted a few Apple Memories creations from the new iOS 10 Photos feature; today it created this good set of memories from this date back in 2004, a MINI rally organized by MINI Peabody at their original US Route One location:

Here is a link to the original entry.

November 10, 2016:

Another JD Power survey

Shortly after I bought my Clubman, I got a couple of new car surveys including one from JD Power – today I got another one, but it really wasn’t about my Clubman this time even though it pretended to be!

The survey started normally, asking about my experiences with the car and moving on to experiences with service at the dealership – but it then moved to asking lots of questions about tires, brands, etc. The paperwork even included an area to encourage me to gather tire data:

At least they paid me $1 for my effort!

October 21, 2016:

Mickey & MINI 2016

I headed down to nearby Coronado Springs at Walt Disney World this afternoon, to join Mickey & MINI – the afternoon had a car show, and the evening offered buffet dinner, and raffle prizes! Lots of pictures in the Gallery, and a selection here …


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