July 24, 2014:

MINI Stays At Home

With some sadness, I’ve this morning cancelled my MINI Takes The States hotels since Margaret & I won’t be heading off for fun next week; I won’t be comfortable in a car for many hours / days, so we just can’t do the trip.
Instead, I’ll join James Day in his new “club”:
MINI Stays At Home

I hope everyone else has lots of fun, and I hope there’s going to be a 2016 MTTS so I can join in again …

June 29, 2014:

Welcome (back) to MINI

Surprisingly, I discovered this weekend that MINI USA still send out welcome kits, quite differently packaged to what I’ve received previously; the interesting package design is intended to be re-usable, with instructions to turn it inside out and use it as a bag:

Contents include the usual MINI pen and notebook, also a quite nice MINI flash drive and of course a copy of MINI International:

Also included are “adverts” for MINI insurance, MINI Performance Motoring School, MINI Financial (but I’ve already bought the car so can’t understand this one!), a Name Your MINI sticker, a quite fun 101 Fundamentals of Good Motoring booklet, and of course the Welcome Letter (sadly no longer from Jim McDowell):

Nice job, MINI USA – a good reminder of why I’m driving a MINI again.

June 22, 2014:

Back to Mount Dora Brewing

Lots of MINI friends returned to Mount Dora yesterday for food and drink, and we headed over to Mount Dora Brewing to join everyone for lunch (which for me was a very good Beer Cheese Burger with kettle chips!) …

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