April 18, 2014:

Orlando MINI F56 launch event

Tonight we drove to Orlando MINI for their F56 launch event, and Black Knight’s first “MINI meet” – sort of, at least, since there wasn’t any actual driving.

Black Knight got wet on the way there, too – and didn’t come home (I’m getting satellite radio installed):

The F56 launch event itself an assortment of the new MINIs visible, including this quite good looking Spice Orange:

I’m quite impressed with the F56 interior too:

In general, the F56 looked very MINI like with few downsides – though the “fall apart when pulled” door handles are strange! Meanwhile, it was great to meet MINI friends (James, Lori, Andrea, Troy – and others whose name I don’t know), and enjoy the desserts:

Special thanks too to Greg, my Motoring Advisor, that organized booking my MINI in to get satellite radio installed – and presented a gift of a neat Tshirt:

April 12, 2014:

Black Knight’s first wash

I finally got “brave” enough to give my new MINI a wash – after only a couple hundred miles so far, and garaged, she’s not very dirty; but it was time anyway.

Washing the frozen paint was easy enough – MINI advises to use their own car shampoo, and of course not polish! They also ban micro-fiber cloths, but I had a pseudo chamois for drying.
Sadly, the dried paint shows a number of water spots:

Looking back through my earlier pictures, there were similar water spots even when it was delivered; I’m going to have to figure out a way to remove them, and avoid them in future …

April 4, 2014:

New “puddle lights”

The first mod for Black Knight! A bit of an easy one – actually really easy, just a few seconds to pull out the stock lamp on the bottom of each door, and connect the replacement.

There’s been a lot of discussion about these on the MINI Countryman facebook group recently, and I ordered mine from Way Motor Works – delivered in just a few days, great quality; I liked the fact that they are labeled “L”/”R” for the doors, and I like the subtle mod result:

March 22, 2014:

Black Knight window sticker

I’ve scanned the window sticker, giving all the special edition details that MINI USA provides; click for a high resolution readable version (or download here):
Black Knight MINI Countryman window sticker

March 21, 2014:

Black Knight comes home

Just one day after the car arrived at Orlando MINI, it’s sold to me:

I took some better pictures too, now that the car has been washed:

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