September 16, 2016:

Clubman recall

I received a recall today for my 2016 Clubman, something to do with side airbags!

I read about this on Motoringfile a while back, although that article claims a software fix and this recall seems pretty clear that the problem is with something physical (“… cover … underneath the trim …”). An Edmunds article doesn’t mention software.

I guess I’ll be calling Orlando MINI soon!

July 31, 2016:

The end of MINI Takes The States 2016

Sadly, as in 2014, we were unable to join the huge 2016 MINI Takes The States event; we were able to follow along with the thousands of MINI owners – including Pedro with his MINI “Clark” via his MotoringFun website.
On his way back home in south Florida, he visited overnight, and we headed to a Disney restaurant this morning for breakfast – so I did get to drive a very small amount of MTTS 2016, with just two MINIs …

June 27, 2016:

MTTS through the years

MINI Takes The States has made a commemorative coasters set for the events since 2006; I ordered them and they arrived today:

A bit sad that they arrived the same day that I removed the MTTS 2016 event from my calendar – finally admitting to myself that I won’t be able to attend again …

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