October 21, 2016:

Mickey & MINI 2016

I headed down to nearby Coronado Springs at Walt Disney World this afternoon, to join Mickey & MINI – the afternoon had a car show, and the evening offered buffet dinner, and raffle prizes! Lots of pictures in the Gallery, and a selection here …


October 20, 2016:

Clubman wash

Ready for Mickey & MINI, I washed GBMINI#8 today – and I’m pretty sure it’s the FIRST time I’ve done it (Orlando MINI has washed it, but not me). It makes a big difference when I don’t drive much, and have a garage!

Anyway, some obligatory during and after photos …

September 16, 2016:

Clubman recall

I received a recall today for my 2016 Clubman, something to do with side airbags!

I read about this on Motoringfile a while back, although that article claims a software fix and this recall seems pretty clear that the problem is with something physical (“… cover … underneath the trim …”). An Edmunds article doesn’t mention software.

I guess I’ll be calling Orlando MINI soon!

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