January 17, 2015:

Sunshine MINIs picnic 2015

This was our first time joining Sunshine MINIs for their annual picnic (a picnic in January, WOW!.
After washing Black Knight yesterday we were ready for a morning meet with other Orlando area MINIs for a nice drive to the picnic …

There was even a couple of turn-arounds, like the old days of MAMA drives!

At the picnic there were MINIs, and MINI owners, everywhere (attendance was close to 150 people):

At least three GPs too (here’s two that always travel together!):

And then even more MINIs arrived:

But now it was time for food, thanks Barry, Jack and everyone that organized this great picnic:

And look at these cupcakes (just don’t spoil the look by eating them):

Dessert also offered a piece of a piece of Bev & Alan’s 30th anniversary cake, and huge toasted marshmallows …

The picnic was at Silver Springs State Park, giving us a nice opportunity for a walk out to the Silver River, and back:

September 26, 2014:

Washed for Mickey & MINI

This weekends Mickey & MINI demands that Black Knight gets washed. With sciatica making it nearly impossible to crouch down and lean forward (which it turns out is very necessary for washing a car), and with the strong summer sun and regular late afternoon rains, I’ve not washed the car since mid June! Of course the garage, and the fact that I couldn’t drive for a long while, means it was only very dirty, not horrifying!
But happily now I’m much more able to drive, and wash Black Knight, and she looks much better for it!
Black Knight, clean again

Black Knight, clean again

Black Knight, clean again

I’m really very happy with using Dr Beasley’s Matte Car Care Products, the shampoo is easy to use and provides a good wash and finish, and the final finish spray gives a little extra smoothness to the matte paint …
Black Knight, clean again

I could argue that washing Black Knight with these products is easier than a regular finish, since you don’t need (in fact must not) polish it!

July 24, 2014:

MINI Stays At Home

With some sadness, I’ve this morning cancelled my MINI Takes The States hotels since Margaret & I won’t be heading off for fun next week; I won’t be comfortable in a car for many hours / days, so we just can’t do the trip.
Instead, I’ll join James Day in his new “club”:
MINI Stays At Home

I hope everyone else has lots of fun, and I hope there’s going to be a 2016 MTTS so I can join in again …

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