April 12, 2016:

Survey time

I guess it’s because the 2016 MINI Clubman is new: I received TWO new car surveys yesterday, one from JD Power and the other from RDA Group that I’ve not heard of before. JD Power gave me a $1(!) incentive as well as “could win $100,000” while the apparently lower budget RDA Group offers only “grand prize winner $3,500”. In either case, the chance of winning is basically zero so it’s just the “fun” of filling in forms – at least these days, it’s done on the web, even though the invitation still comes in paper mail:

April 9, 2016:

Finally 1,000 miles!

Turns out that working from home means I don’t drive so much – it’s taken nearly three months to get 1,000 miles on my Clubman, but I finally got there last night on the way home from the airport!

March 24, 2016:

First “service” for Clubman

I spent a few hours at Orlando MINI today – getting my replacement tire fitted, and also having the steering wheel changed. When I’d originally picked up the car, I found that the steering wheel had been scratched, and seeing that I’d paid a premium for the upgraded wheel, I wanted it to be corrected. It’s taken this long to get the part, but now it’s done.

The steering wheel replacement was not as simple as it should have been, apparently:

I waited at the dealership, took a few walks, chatted to various friendly personnel, and watched my Clubman get it’s first wash!

And, after a few hours, all was done; a new tire and a new steering wheel:

Oh, new rubber floor mats too (they weren’t yet available when I originally picked up the car):

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