June 27, 2016:

MTTS through the years

MINI Takes The States has made a commemorative coasters set for the events since 2006; I ordered them and they arrived today:

A bit sad that they arrived the same day that I removed the MTTS 2016 event from my calendar – finally admitting to myself that I won’t be able to attend again …

April 12, 2016:

Survey time

I guess it’s because the 2016 MINI Clubman is new: I received TWO new car surveys yesterday, one from JD Power and the other from RDA Group that I’ve not heard of before. JD Power gave me a $1(!) incentive as well as “could win $100,000” while the apparently lower budget RDA Group offers only “grand prize winner $3,500”. In either case, the chance of winning is basically zero so it’s just the “fun” of filling in forms – at least these days, it’s done on the web, even though the invitation still comes in paper mail:

April 9, 2016:

Finally 1,000 miles!

Turns out that working from home means I don’t drive so much – it’s taken nearly three months to get 1,000 miles on my Clubman, but I finally got there last night on the way home from the airport!

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